Mary Poppins audition (2009) - "The Girl I Mean to Be"

Dialogue from Mary Poppins (2009)

Gypsy (2008) - Part 1, "Let Me Entertain You"

Gypsy (2008) - Part 2, patriotic number

Heidi (2008) - "Under Every Star"

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (2008) - "My New Philosphy"

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (2008) - Ice cream monologue

TV Commercial - "Delsym Spelling Bee" (2007)

Best Western Commercial (2007)

A Pirate's Christmas (2007) - "Where Are They Now?"

A Pirate's Christmas (2007) - "Christmas Is All About the Love"

Baby Born Commercial (2007)

Heinz Ketchup Commercial (contest entry, 2007
- also featuring her dad, Ed Mauss, as the mummy)

"Born to Entertain" (2007)

"Put on a Happy Face" (2007)

Megan Mullally Show (ensemble - 2007)

Dance (2007)

Marshfield Clinic Commercial (2006)

Les Miserables (2006)

Check out these audio clips from Courtney's Christmas albums:


-Baby, Lying in a Manger
-Follow Me
-Mary, May I Hold Your Little Baby


-Christmas Lullaby
-Born to Wear a Crown
-Silent Night
-Still a Bach Christmas
-All Is Well


-What Child Is This?
-What I Would Give
-If Not for a Baby (with John Lindahl)
-I Really Want
-Christmas Trees
-I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus




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